Ghost Rider #6 Review.

Remember that time in Mexico?  No?  What about Nicaragua?  Me neither.  Well then you and I are on equal footing to enjoy the newest issue of Ghost Rider!

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There’s a new Ghost Rider in town guys, and its a girl!  18 year old Alejandra (no last name?) is the new Spirit of Vengeance.  She carries the demon within her, rides the flaming motorcycle, is one of the most powerful super beings on the planet so of course all that she wants to do with all this power is…. go to a shopping mall?!

Oh fuck this.

“A place where people change.”  Oh good, do we have some werewolves in here too?  Probably because they’re doing so well thanks to all the Twilight bullshit out there.

No, not werewolves.  Its actually worse.  See, our new Ghost Rider is in a swamp controlled by a witch.  The witch removes Alejandra’s powers so she can meet up with the dwellers of this dark part of the swamp.  They are all killers, and this is pretty much limbo.  When they come to an inner peace, they can leave, and their leader Earle believes that Alejandra is the spirit of release.  Oh, there’s also a hurricane coming too.  That may be a release as well.

Other than Earle, none of the other killers are ready to leave.  They have not reached an inner peace but they have found the power to join forms to become some many limbs, heads and everything else grotesque killer monster.  It looks a lot like this:


“That look better to you Earle?”  No no it doesn’t.  In fact it looks pretty gr… “That look better to you Earle?”  No!  You just said that!  If you’re going to have a word balloon on a splash page you cant have the same exact word balloon on the next panel!  Its a comic, we read it, and we the readers aren’t dumb enough to forget what we read in the previous panel!

There is a glimmer of a good story idea here.  The killers aren’t cured.  The witch made it so they could be free if they kill someone, but they cant kill each other.  That’s pretty brilliant and in a better comic would be a great story.  Hell, that idea  could be a book unto itself.  But here its a one page explanation for a rushed story and a rushed villain.

Speaking of rushed, Alejandra can take the form of Ghost Rider once again and brings down the lightning to destroy the many bodied beast.  Wait.  Since when can Ghost Rider summon lightning?!  I don’t recall that in any of my Blaze or Ketch issues.

Ghost Rider kills the beast, the witch and Earle all in two pages.  Then she says that the hurricane affects everything in its path.  The hurricane didn’t play into the story!  It may as well have been a typhoon in Japan for the amount of affect it had on the story!

Oh good Hawkeye’s in the next issue.  Maybe he can bring some good story with him.

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