Invincible Iron Man #510 Review.

An Iron Man comic?  On here?  Oh yeah.  For being such a long running Marvel character there are probably less than 5 Iron Man comics in my collection.  However, this one is coming off of the Fear Itself story and sounded like a good jumping on point.


Click for more to find out if I was correct or not.

Zeke Stane is trying to destroy Tony Stark’s life.  Stark has an Asgardian dwarf assisting him after the events of Fear Itself.  He looks a lot like Tommy Lee Jones.  Stark is served with legal papers and it turns out the Mandarin has been behind all of this.  Mandarin is taking advantage of the fact that Iron Man has had another alcoholic drink and may be flying around in suit while drunk.

Well its beautifully drawn, I’ll give them that.  The story however, well, I just don’t care.  Stane seems too all powerful.  Mandarin is an evil businessman, and we’ve seen that thousands of times.  Stark succumbs to his disease, isn’t smart enough to see a legal maneuver coming miles away.  For one of the smartest men in the world, Tony looks like a moron throughout the issue.  Also, I care not for Tommy Wee Jones.

Maybe the book will get better.  Maybe I’m missing things because I’m not a huge Iron Man fan.  But this issue will most likely be my last Iron Man for awhile.

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