Quick Comic Reviews for the Books I Hated! 11/30/11.

I picked up these titles today at the local comic shop and, well, hated them.  I don’t want to bring too much attention and upset the hard working creators that made these comics.  But I feel the need to get my feelings out, as I also feel I wasted some cash today.  So read on, see what was a hit or a miss today.  Well, in this article they’re all misses.

Avenglyne #5

A scantily glad female angel and her way too jacked companion argue with/team up with a half demon hybrid to stop some crazed also jacked up priest.  All the while people assume that priests, who take vows of celibacy, are having sex with these hot angels (who everyone else assumes to be just normal hot women).  The covers (and the variants) are drawn in vintage Extreme Studios exaggerated (if any) anatomy with generous care given to show off the generous T&A of the heroine.  I feel bad because both the creator and the artist have always been nice to me, but its junk.  I have long boxes full of Extreme Studios product, and they’re coming back next year, but I cant think of one story that mattered.  Not one thing that has stayed seared into my mind.  This issue falls into that same forgettable category.

Herc #10

Herc looks more Greek than Roman now, which is a shame because I love his classic look.  Zeus has been de-powered and now must roam (HA!) with his bastard son on the mortal realm.  Along the way Herc has dealings with the Kingpin (who mentions nothing of Spider Island) and this leads to a disagreement with Elektra.  And now we’re to my problem with this comic.  Hercules is not Daredevil!  This book feels like an amateur script for DD that got bought and then they plugged Hercules in Matt Murdoch’s place.  We don’t always need gods who walk as men.  Why cant gods in comics be something crazy, like gods!  I’ve read Herc go toe to toe with Thor.  I don’t think this version of Hercules could hold his own against Rocket Racer.  Disappointed.

Haunt #19

I don’t even know what the hell I just read.  So many panels were murky.  There were times I had to search for the lead character within the panel.  There’s some demon thing, and an evil church, and two beings that form one… Haunt?  Yeah, if you’ve never read an issue there is no where to know what the hell is going on here.  Our “hero?” cuts loose on some bad guys, butchers them at The Boys level violence and then, oops.  There’s his girlfriend/prostitute dead and hacked up on the floor.  You know who doesn’t have dead hooker by my own hands problems?  Spider-Man.  I’ve read Haunt before, under the original creative team, and thought it was fine.  But this is just unreadable.

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