Christmas Geek Gift Ideas Day 3 – Nerd Books!

If you’re buying a gift for the nerdy geek in your life, or the geeky nerd, chances are they love to read.  Chances also are your geeky nerd hasn’t accomplished all they want to in life.  (Like in my case, writing a comic, writing a book, getting paid to do this stuff and no longer working retail, owning our own comic book store, etc etc.)  What better gift than the gift of overpriced hardcover tomes detailing how some of their idols made it big.

A reminder friends, the first chapter will probably include a breaking into the business story and the warning that it could never happen that way ever again (as in, for you).

The Nerdist Way by Chris Hardwick.

As the geeks inherit the earth, Nerdist will be the name of our religion.  Chris Hardwick is everywhere these days; AOTS, Web Soup, Talking Dead and of course the Nerdist TV show and hosting segments on BBC America.  How is he able to get all these things done?  Well buy this book and find out.  Chris gives great advice and points the fingers back at us.  It is far harder to create than destroy.  If we nerds took our inane attention to detail and nuance in properties we have no part in (like complaining about… everything) and instead turned that attention into creating something new then the world would be a better place.  Not to say I’m perfect by any means but since reading this book I have been making a better effort to not just complain and say something sucks.  I want to be positive about things (which is why the negative comic reviews get lumped in together and why I haven’t been able to write a wrestling review in awhile).  A life changing book that will be re-read and loved many times over.

Nerd Do Well:  A Small Boy’s Journey to Becoming a Big Kid by Simon Pegg.

Once you discover Simon Pegg and start to look into the rest of his career you’re shocked you didn’t hear about him before.  For most people the gateway drug was Shaun of the Dead.  But then there’s Hot Fuzz and Paul and Spaced and the newest Star Trek.  He is a geeky kid who got to make a few things for fun and they blew up.  Use the mental trick of distance to believe that you could be exactly like him if only you also grew up in England.  Nothing against manga at all,but I don’t see the kids reading that now growing up to create awesome things in the way that kids like Simon who grew up with 2000AD have done.

Zombie Spaceship Wasteland by Patton Oswalt

A tougher sell for your geek, but still a good one.  Patton has part memoir and essays and part fantasy stories.  Its not quite either but Oswalt’s voice is so distinct its impossible to read this book and not roll with laughter and hit yourself because some things are too true.  Patton has a good book in him.  This isn’t it, but when he does write that good book you’re going to want this one next to it in your collection.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

The easiest buy for any of you, as its available at every WalMart and Target in the country.  The message of the book is, you are not doing enough with your life!  Steve Jobs built it in a cave!  Sorry, I get him confused with Tony Stark all the time.   You’re reading this blog online, chances are something within a foot away from you is thanks to Steve Jobs.  Your iPad, Touch, Pod, Tunes or your Mac.  Even things from other technology companies can be traced back to Jobs and the things that he created.  There are triumphs and failures, and of course we know how the story ends.  But the idea is that this can be your story too.  There’s no reason you cant create something awesome as well.  Pick up this book as a gift, and cross your fingers that the recipient financially thanks you when they become rich.

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