Previews Pull List December 2011/February 2012!

Using the amazing tool known as comiXology I’m going to attempt to make my Previews pull list for February 2012 using the version of Previews magazine that is available free on the site.  Lets see how well it works, and how much money I need to put aside.

1.  Previews catalog for February (with Marvel supplement).

If you’re going to buy comics, you need to grab one of these to comb through thousands of new cool stuff every month.  A must have.

Cost:  Free (at all good shops).

2.  Buffy Season 9 #6 variant cover. (Dark Horse)

It looks like a classic Marvel horror cover from the 70s and that might be enough to get me to buy this issue without having a clue what’s going on in the comic right now.

Cost:  $3

3.  Dollhouse: Epitaths

Maybe by the time this graphic novel is out I will have finally sat through every episode of the show.  Only been meaning to do that for years now.

$19 (I’m rounding up, BTW).

4. Classic Marvel Characters – Dr Strange.

An amazing Dr Strange toy, from Dark Horse?!  I don’t care who or why or the legalities, this is freaking great.


5.  Any DC comic I think I’ll have to wait and see how I feel come issue 6.  About the only one I feel I’ll still be picking up by then is Aquaman.  So $3 for sure.

6.  Batman Beyond Unlimited #1

Hells yes and welcome back.  $4

7.  All the Flashpoint graphic novel collections come out.  From $15-$20.  The big ones to get are the actual Flashpoint series, and the Batman ones.  Batman was one of the most shocking and original alternate takes on a character of all time.

8.  New Teen Titans Omnibus Volume 2.  Its a hardcover collection and a ton of awesome George Perez art, but its $75, so its up to you.  I want it but I’ll probably wait for it to come down in price.

9.  Road Rage #1 (IDW)

Joe Hill, Stephen King, Richard Matheson.  Damn.  I don’t see any way I cant buy this one.  $4

10.  Danger Girl Revolver #2

This will depend on how much I enjoy the first issue.  But there’s a chance this will be picked up. $4

11. Phoenix Without Ashes

Its by one of my favorites, Harlan Ellison, so I’ll be picking this up no matter the cost.  That cost is $18.

12.  Heart #4

The dramatic conclusion and hopefully not the last comic work we see from Blair Butler $3.

13.  The Walking Dead #94, $3

Whatever is happening to lead up to the 100th issue will have its ground work laid here.  I’m expecting some of the craziest most intense moments in the series here.

14.  Marvel.  I’ll pick up Winter Soldier #1 but the description doesn’t give me hope.  Also, I’ll flip through Battle Scars but hated the first issue so much I very much doubt I’ll waste money on the rest of the series.  ($3 each)

15.  Avengers Academy #25, $3

Hell and yes.  My favorite Marvel title every month and it doesn’t look like it will slide anytime soon.

16.  Carnage series by Zeb Wells ($4)?!  I have to keep an eye out for this one.  Potential is high.

17.  Misadventures of Adam West #3

You know, in case Ralph Garman is on your phone and you need a good birthday present for him.

18.  Ralph Wiggum Comics #1 ($3)

From the Simpsons, this could be one of the funniest comics of all time.  That burning you taste is the money on fire in your pocket.

19.  Stripperella Graphic Novel ($15)

All the joy of Stan Lee’s brief contract with SpikeTV but without the annoying voice of Pamela Anderson!

20.  Monster Attack Team #9 ($7.50)

An entire magazine dedicated to Japanese monster movies?!  Yeah, just put it right under my tongue so I can absorb it directly into my body please.


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