Christmas Geek Gift Ideas Day 4 – Thundercats.

That’s right kids the Thundercats are on the loose and they are back!  With a new cartoon on, of course, Cartoon Network, there has been a huge resurgence in popularity for this collection of feline super heroes.  But what to buy your geek?

Thundercats (original series).

The original show has been released in 4 DVD sets and the prices have dropped.  I didn’t want to pick these up at $50 or $60 bucks when they were first released, but $20 to $25?  That sounds very reasonable.  Sixty something episodes of great 1980s Saturday morning adventure.

Thundercats (new series).

There’s only one DVD set out so far but it will be the first of many.  The series is a great update/reboot of the classic.  Never falling flat, this new version may actually eclipse the original.  Speaking of new and amazing…

New Thundercat toys!

Great new action figures and vehicles.  These are insane and gorgeous.  They even released classic versions of the figures.  This is where you’re sure to find some great gifts for your geek.  There are so many new toys there’s no way he/she has all of them.  Buy a couple random ones, new or classic, figures or vehicles, and watch their eyes light up on Christmas day.

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