Christmas Geek Gift Ideas Day 5 – Five Below!

Oh its as if I planned that, which I did not.  The lovely (near) wife and I took a quick trip to see my mom on Sunday and went out for lunch and some shopping.  Would we like to check out this new store called Five Below?  Sure.  I might find one or two things in a dollar store.  One never knows.  Also, my friend Reis over at recently had a post covering a toy line he found at the store.  Going in, we thought we might find one or two things worth wasting a dollar on.

Coming out?  Well, the lady said it best, “I could have done all your Christmas presents in there if you weren’t around.”

Read on to find out the glory that is Five Below!

You walk in the door and there are wheelbarrows full of cool stuff.  The one that caught me had Green Lantern transforming toys.  5 dollars.  For 10 bucks you could get a Kilowog and a Tomar Re plus accessories!  And this was the moment I walked in.

Sure as shit, the figures Reis told me about were there in full force.  These figures don’t look as great on the shelf and in package, but take them out and display them and holy crap do they pop!  I want to buy a shelf just so I have somewhere new and pretty to display these! Pick up these Guardians, Spirits of the Wild figures before they’re gone!

Then, there were comics!  Random grab bags of 4 comics each, for $4.  Its mostly Marvel and DC stuff but there were some fun things in  here.  I bought one pack and will be reviewing that later in the week.

Grab bag toys!  Do you guys know what the blind bags are?  Its kind of like a pack of baseball cards but for toys.  You buy a pack, open it and discover what toy you got.  Try to collect them all by buying pack after pack.  There were Lego ones and Marvel ones called Squiggies or something like that.  Great stocking stuffers.  No idea if they would let me buy the whole case or not.

The DVD wall!  I could have blown 50 bucks in one shot without blinking on these DVDs.  Most of the DC animated movies, tons of Christmas titles.  The most shocking was the under rated Secret Saturdays volume 1 from Cartoon Network, and the complete Chuck Jones Tom and Jerry cartoons.  Again, all this for 5 bucks.

I’ll stop there but I’m no where near done with all they had.  Tons of toys, books, a freaking Sin City board game!  And one of the greatest candy walls I’ve ever seen.  Candies you didn’t know existed anymore.

If you have a Five Below nearby, take care of every kid and every kid at heart on your list in one stop.

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