New Music Tuesday!: 12/06/11

Ah, Christmas time is here, and ummm…yeah it’s a little ways off but here is some music you may be able to buy as a holiday gift.

The long awaited Amy Winehouse posthumous release, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, is released. The compilation is produced by Salaam Remi and Mark Ronson who went through hours of recordings to put together this twelve track album. Included on this album is the collaboration she did with Tony Bennett “Body and Soul,” which is also considered the first single of the album. A second single from the album, “Our Day Will Come,” was released a day prior to this post.

The Roots follow up lat years How I Got Over with Undun. The album is about the bands fictitious character Redford Stephens. This time, Stephens is in an urban setting and struggling to survive. He finds himself at a crossroads between making something of himself or turning to crime. Of course the latter is his decision. The album also features collaborations from long time Roots conspirator Dice Raw. This is a must have for sure.

The Black Keys are back, following up the success of their last album Brothers and their Grammy win with a new album entitled El Camino. The albums name was inspired by an add that the band placed in the Akron Beacon Journal selling an El Camino. The band has created a unique marketing opportunity with a trailer for the album and a website about wanting to buy a van. The bands first singe, “Lonely Boy” boasts a hilarious video, which seems like a low budget version of “Weapon of Choice.”

The Voice‘s sweetheart and Meg & Dia member Dia Frampton releases her first solo album Red. In her first single from the album, she confesses to loving “The Broken Ones” and does so beautifully and romantically that she has a shot at winning the “girl next door” award. (In fact, as I write this, I’ve played the music video five times already.) The album features collaborations from Kid Cudi and her voice coach Blake Shelton. If you loved her on The Voice like I did, this is a no brainer.

Chevelle returns with their first new album in two years entitled Hats Off to the Bull. The first single from the album, “Face to the Floor,” showcases Chevelle’s return to the older, harder style that was featured on their previous album Wonder What’s Next. “Face to the Floor” has been described as an angry response to the Ponzi scheme pulled off by Bernie Madoff . All I can say is welcome back Chevelle.

Korn seems hell bent as of late to change up their sound and start doing things a different way. On their latest album, The Path of Totality, Korn attempts to infuse their own sound with dubstep. Korn frontman Jonathan Davis stated that he didn’t want to conform to something, he wanted to try something different, but with everyone doing dubstep these days, is it all that different? I’ll let you decide.

Finally, T-Pain releases his first album in three years entitled RevolveR. The album suffered a series of delays and was intended for a 2010 releases. One of those set backs was Jay-Z’s single “Death of Auto-Tune,” which T-Pain used heavily. Instead, he used his own software called The T-Pain Effect (yeah ummm O.K.) and thus we are here today. I don’t have much to say on this album, I’m not a big fan of rap but its new and noteworthy.

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