Christmas Geek Gift Ideas Day 7 – $5 DVDs.

Not everyone on your list is someone you want to spend a fortune on.  It could be an acquaintance, a co-worker or just some random person that stops by the house on Christmas to wish you happy holidays.  That’s no reason not to have a present though!  There are plenty of cool movies and other DVDs buried in that big box marked five dollars.  With a little searching you can find the perfect gift for someone and have them think you spent much more than a Lincoln!


Take Batman Begins.  Everyone wanted to buy the Dark Knight, but how many have this original film in the new Batman trilogy?  Answer, less than bought the iconic Heath Ledger Joker movie.  Fill that spot in the collection with the one disc widescreen copy of this movie.  Who doesn’t like gravel voiced super heroes?!

I know Christmas is a time of peace and love, but what about the horror film fan in your life?  In the last week I’ve seen collections of Hellraiser, Children of the Corn, and a Grindhouse cinema mix.  The first two were 4 movie packs and the Grindhouse one had 12 crazy titles.  Oh yes, this still falls in the five dollar category.  Now we’re talking dollars and change per movie.

Classic titles like Short Circuit, Under Seige and Road House are available.  Be the person who gets this reaction, “I haven’t seen this in years!  I used to love this movie when I was (insert younger age here).”

Lets not forget stores like Big Lots and Target.  Target just put out season sets of 3rd Rock from the Sun and Grounded for Life.  Big Lots has had lots of kids Nickelodeon titles, some as low as $3.

Remember shoppers, just because someone is on your list doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on them.  You can find good cheap stuff at stores you’re already at.

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