Things You Shouldn’t Buy For Christmas List – Princess Bitch.

One of a unknown series of posts featuring strange things I’m finding online while holiday shopping.  When you buy from a store, or even if  you just look, the next page will usually bring up “similar items”.  Well, within the same site I was looking for Nintendo stuff for one person and comic book character statues for another person.  On the next page under “suggested items”  this little treasure appeared.

Oh yeah.  Click to find out more details on this, ahem, collectible.

Yeah, someone is going to pay $120 to have this sitting on their desk in a perfectly normal way.  Parents, relatives, co-workers will all walk past this desk (or shelf or what have you) and no matter what else is on the desk their eyes will focus on Princess Bitch and nothing else.  What’s that Bob?  The cure for cancer and the secret of life?  Well I would be willing to listen to you but you have a half naked statue on your desk that’s winking at me.  No no, not her eyes.

If half naked anime video game porn porcelain girls aren’t enough for you, how about totally naked ones!  That’s right the top is removable.  Its a Christmas miracle!

I do love writing things on my own, but the quotes from these sellers are too good to ignore.

“Well-endowed princess with high heels and a great personality!  A coy look and a pose that positively defies subtlety.”  I want to now live my life positively defying subtlety.

Oh but this twisted tale gets even stranger.  Check out this quote about the Princess’s, um, throne?   “Depicting astride a mushroom with symbolism that is hard to ignore, one can only wonder what this Princess is interested in…”

I do believe she is interested in taking psychedelic mushrooms.

If you like this trip down the scarier stranger side of geeky collectibles let me know and I’ll feature more.  And if you would like to send me anything, strange or “normal” send me an email at teamhellions(at)gmail(dot)com because I do have a work desk, but I have no co-workers to see the embarrassing things on my desk!


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