The Strain #1 Review.

Well this is going to be interesting.

Read on to find out why.

This is the first issue of an eleven part horror series.  Its based on a horror novel trilogy that I have been aware of since I got the advanced reader copy while working at Borders.  So, that should tell long time fans how long I’ve not read this series.

The story starts up with an old woman telling her grandson a scary story back in the “old country”  The sound of the vampire’s cane, and the old crone imitating it, pick pick pick, is terrifying.  Picture this on the big screen and a new iconic horror sound is born.  The story comes into present day when the airplane of the dead arrives in New York.

And that’s where we break until the next issue.

Chances are everyone on the plane is a vampire, all along or newly un-born, and this is the beginning of a hostile takeover of the living world.  But it doesn’t matter if I’m wrong or right.  Because its a great story!  There is the mystery and the fright of what might be coming off this plane.  A jumbo jet full of “pick pick pick” may await.  Also, the main human (fully human, never biten, not twice shy) are already worth caring about.  Single father who has made mistakes but is just trying to make things right.

Its a very interesting first issue.  I’m curious for what will come next and unsure if I should enjoy this comic on its own or finally read that comic that has been sitting on a shelf for years.

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