Team Hellions Wrestling Awards 2011. Face of the Year – Zack Ryder.


Woo Woo Woo.  You know it!

Earlier in the awards I talked about Zack’s career in 2011.  So if you want to hear all about the rise of a curtain jerker to a champion, read that one.  Here lets talk about how popular he is.  Cena gets booed.  Punk has people that hate him, like the security guards at MSG.  Rey is injured.  TNA flips their wrestlers between heel and face so much it hurts.  Then there’s Ryder.

Zack Ryder is every fan.  He’s a geek.  He spends his money on replica title belts, autographed pictures, and action figures.  He knows where is LJN wrestlers are and he probably still owns a VCR so he can watch all the Coliseum home videos.  He went on the internet to rant about wrestling.  To say that he could do things better.  To ask for a chance, a shot.

He marked out over John Cena, over legends, over celebrities, over just being on TV.  He became the great underground band.   The wrestling hipsters loved him.  Then it became cool to like Ryder, because he was under the radar.  Once someone in WWE Creative finally gave him a chance, he grasped it with both hands and has yet to let go.  Then what happened?


A marketing boom.  T-shirts, headbands, fake hair, jewelry, sunglasses.  Every fan wants a piece of Zack Ryder because Zack Ryder is every fan.  Kids, women, men, casual or smart marks, everyone can love Zack Ryder.  He is a fan living his dream and that’s someone that can be supported in any town, arena, country, and time on Earth.

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