Team Hellions Wrestling Awards 2011. Heel of the Year – Robert Roode.


For most of 2011 Robert Roode was built up as the next great babyface champion in wrestling.  He worked his ass off.  He had great matches with heels and amazing matches with his friends.  He worked his way up the ladder and was built into one of TNA’s biggest stars.  Not because he was going to leave, or be in a movie, or a reality show.  Not because he changed his name to Jarrett.  He rose because he’s that good and works that hard.

But for what?  He loses the title match.  A short time later his best friend and tag team partner wins that title he covets.  Not only does James Storm win the belt, but he did so with minimal effort compared to Roode’s year long quest.

Have no fear, James gives his best friend a match.  Roode had to fight his friends as he rose his way up the ladder, and never once took the easy way out.  Surely, he and Storm will have a great clean match for the TNA World title.

Well, if they did then Roode wouldn’t be getting the Heel of the Year award.  He turned his back on everyone in one shot.  Well, more like a bottle of beer.  But back in health class they taught us that a bottle of beer has just as much alcohol as one shot.  Roode decided that its all about him and screw the rest of you.

It worked because he rose so high.  All of the fans wanted to see Robert Roode win the belt.  They went deaf cheering for him as TNA spent a year building him up into a star.  Only to have that ripped away as he takes the easy route and turns heel.  It wouldn’t have been no where near as impressive without the rise.  And we wouldn’t hate him as much otherwise.

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