Team Hellions Wrestling Awards 2011. Match of the Year – John Cena vs. CM Punk (Money in the Bank).


Its the only 5 star match this year.  So much of wrestling’s future rested on this match.  How could there be any other choice for match of the year?

Back and forth, great wrestling, and the loudest crowd in wrestling all year.  Punk in the middle of a contract dispute, rocking the established set of rules, and carrying John Cena through the greatest match of his career.

It was an emotional match.  Those of us who think we are smart marks watch our hero try to rise to the top.  Someone who was a mark just like us and then busted his ass for years to get to this point.  He faces this generation’s super hero.  The blonde hair jacked up demi god.  Captain America himself, John Cena.  All the while being told by Triple H, Vince McMahon and John Laurinitis that he is not a champion.  With one of the hottest crowds in history and his best friends at ringside, CM Punk overcame it all.

Plus all the emotion aside, it was a great match!  When CM Punk says he’s the best in the world he means it.  It is fact.  He is one of the few people who makes every move count.  Every punch or kick or rest hold is there for a reason.  To tell the greater story.  To bring fans into the match.

Here is my original review of the show.  I’m going to go rewatch the match now.

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