Team Hellions Wrestling Awards 2011. Tag Team of the Year – Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team.


When Ring of Honor debuted their new show this year smart marks and casual fans all said the same thing.  “Wow. I haven’t seen tag team wrestling like this in years.”  The team that earned that honor and respect are Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

Haas and Benjamin held the Ring of Honor tag titles for just about 9 out of 12 months this year.  A real tag team holding real titles.  Not two mid carders thrown together because the bookers don’t know what to do with the titles or the wrestlers.  They took on everyone too.  The Kings of Wrestling, The All Night Express and the Briscoe Brothers just to name a few.  Plus all of the talent in independent shows around the country.

When these two men come to the ring their opponents know they are in for a fight.  Sure the Road Warriors could beat the hell out of anyone, and did.  Sure the Rockers or the Hardys bounced all over the ring and were too quick to be contained.  Only WGTT does both. When they arrive, you will be out wrestled, out powered and out maneuvered.  Most of all though you will be stretched.  Be prepared to be broken when you leave the ring and stuck in bed for the next month screaming out in pain.

A great tag team is better than the sum of their parts.  Haas and Benjamin may have not gone down as great singles wrestlers.  But together they are one of the greatest teams of all time, and the greatest this year.

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