Team Hellions Wrestling Awards 2011. Woman of the Year – Gail Kim.


When 2011 started Gail Kim was in WWE but you wouldn’t know it.  She was barely on TV, had no story lines, and was no where near a run with either the Womans or Divas title during her second run with the company.  Some people might be fine with that.  As long as the paychecks keep coming, why worry about it?  But Gail Kim is different.  If she is going to spend so much of her life working hard to be a wrestler then dammit she’s going to wrestle.

In August WWE Raw held a Divas battle royal.  Gail was told to get eliminated within the first minute of the match.  Former WWE and TNA champion Gail Kim was told to get out of the match before the Bellas, or the models who are training to be Divas.  Kim chose to do one better and eliminated herself from the match.  She then kept right on walking, out of WWE.

Even though she may have been making more money in WWE, it didn’t matter any more.  Happiness wins over money.  Gail left WWE, had to wait out her full freedom, and then made a dramatic return to TNA.  From being buried in WWE at the start of the year, to holding both the TNA Knockouts title and the TNA Knockouts tag team title at the end of the year.  Gail Kim is an influence to all wrestler, men and women.  The money comes and goes, but your happiness and your legacy will last forever.


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