Team Hellions Wrestling Awards 2011. Wrestler of the Year – CM Punk.


Could there be any other name?  CM Punk is a one man revolution.  He speaks his mind, blows open doors, and backs it all up.  Its one thing to say you’re the best wrestler in the world.  Its another to prove it.  Whether wrestling Cena, or Del Rio or the Miz or anyone else, Punk puts on the best match of the night.

Throughout the year CM Punk put focus on being a wrestler.  He is not a sports entertainer.  He is a pro wrestler.  There are things that a pro wrestler must do to make his (or her) work matter.  Most of them don’t do these simple things, but Punk does.

Connect with the fans.  Whether its through love or hate, make the fans focus on you.  Punk sits in the ring, he makes inside references, he talks about other companies.  Every time he opens his mouth he says something that makes the fans pay attention.  Even in previous years when he was a heel.  How could you not be enthralled by the Straight Edge Society.  Or by Punk singing Happy Birthday to Rey Mysterio’s daughter.  The moment he comes out and has a mic in hand every single fan in the arena knows that something interesting is about to be said.

Put over your opponent.  I don’t mean get beat all the time.  I don’t mean join the JOB Squad.  I mean make your opponent look good.  If a wrestler walks out, says his opponent sucks, and then beats that guy, who has he beat?  If your rival is a no body then you beat a no body. However, if you take bumps, make their moves look good, and always treat the other guy as a threat then every single match will matter.  Even in a loss, he looks strong, because he put over the opponent and made the fans believe it was a tough battle all along.

Steal the show.  Whether its the main event or the opening match, chances are Punk will have the best match on the card.  There are rumors he will have a DVD set come out next year.  It better be three DVDs or else there’s not enough room.  Rey Mysterio, Nexus, SES, John Cena, Miz, Alberto Del Rio, John Morrison, and the list goes on and on.

CM Punk wakes up and everything in his mind says he’s the best in the world.  Its easy to walk around as the best when every day you convince the world that you are.

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