My 5 Biggest Moments of the Year.

This was a huge year for me, Kevin Hellions.  The site got bigger, more people know my name, and I’m all over the internet.  All of this happened in 2011.  So I thought on today, the last day, it would be a fun idea to look back and thank the people who made this year for me.

5 Greg Pak introduces me to Comixology.

If you’re writing about, well, anything and not following other people in that world on Twitter then you are setting yourself up for failure.  One night at around 12 or 1AM Greg Pak sent out a tweet.  He was offering a free download of his newest comic on ComiXology. All you had to do was tweet back, have a link to your site, and play the waiting game.  Within 2 minutes Greg Pak wrote back asking for my email address.  This is how I found Red Skull Incarnate, Astonishing X-Men and other great series.  I will also blame Greg Pak for when I spend hundreds of dollars on an iPad so I can enjoy ComiXology even more.

4 Sea Lion Books

When I redid the site (more on that soon) one of the smartest things I did was make it easier to contact me.  This led to coming home one night to an email from Sea Lion Books.  Would I be interested in an advanced reader edition to review?  Yes, yes I would.  From that one email I’ve had the honor of reading some of the best comics of my life.  I’ve gotten to know CS Marks and Howard Shapiro, and soon many more.  I have done my best to give honest reviews of every thing they put out, good or bad.  Its not my fault they don’t put out anything bad and all I can do is rave about them.

3.  #AlisonScag4Cassie

A year and a half ago I saw Allison Scagliotti on TV.  I thought here’s a cool actress I want to watch more.  While following her on Twitter I found out about the #AllisonScag4Cassie movement, but I thought it was just her idea.  I wrote up an article, the Top 5 Reasons Allison Scagliotti should play Cassie Hack, and not only did she notice the article but the creator of  the movement noticed it as well.  And that’s how I met Sax Carr.  Since then I’ve discovered Tim Powers and Sam Proof and Robert Chan and Blair Marnell.  I’m listening to dozens of podcasts just to keep up with all of these guys.  Fandom Planet, Pizza Games and Zombies, HATS!  These guys inspire me to work hard every day.

2. Call for Writers

The second big move of the year (the first being the forthcoming number one) was inviting other writers onto the site.  Rob, Crys, Emma, Aubriann, Lindsey, Chris, Ryan, Matt and the list goes on.  Whether they write one thing or many things every single one of them has added to the site.  Hits or hype or content, Team Hellions would not have grown without each and every one of them.  With huge plans being discussed for 2012 these writers will be the catalyst.  And I couldn’t have done any of it without…

1.  Elise convinces me to get serious.

For  those of you who don’t know this site used to have a lot of girly pictures on it.  I would take all of the WWE Playboy issues, or photo shoots, or candid shots from fan sites and had them all on the blog.  These pictures brought in thousands of hits.  No one was reading the articles though.  Playboy theory debunked.  One day Elise asks me what I want my site to be known for, what I want it to do.  I want it to lead to me having writing jobs that pay.  I want to be known in these communities as a good writer, as an expert.  I didn’t want to be known as a smut peddler.  She convinced me to get rid of all of these pictures and concentrate on writing.  It took days to redo the site.  I took a huge hit loss, but in the end I was left with something to be proud of.  Now I could bring on other writers, invite people in, and use the site like a resume without anything to be embarrassed about.  It all worked and now I have this amazing site.  It was a productive 2011 and 2012 looks to be even better.

Thank you all.

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