Amazing Spider-Man #676 Review.

From Marvel Comics, Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos, Victor Olabaza.

Its the current incarnation of the Sinister Six vs the Intelligencia.  It is also a rare if not only issue of Amazing Spider-Man to not feature the title character.  The only other time I can think of this possibly happening is during Secret Wars.  I remember some sort of “Where is Spider-Man” stylized covers around this time, but I don’t have any at hand to look this up.

The issue features a great battle between the two super villain teams.  Not just teams but, for lack of a better term, families.  There is loyalty and history between all of the characters.  The exchange between Wizard and Sandman reminiscing about the Frightful Four was, if I may, fantastic.

The greatest and most shocking part of the comic was seeing Doctor Octopus own MODOK.  I’ve always thought of MODOK as above most villains.  The heroes mess with him because they have to.  That’s what being a hero is all about.  But the villains had a fearful respect of the killing organism.  But damn if Doc Ock didn’t outplay outwit and outlast the humongous headed homicidal horror.  As he approaches death Otto Octavius isn’t withering away, he’s becoming larger.  Not only physically in his new outfit but also in the larger Marvel pantheon.

Plus, there is a bad ass scene with Mysterio.  If he could always be written like this he could be the next Deadpool.

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