Fantastic Four #601 Review.


Holy shit, now this is what comic books are meant to be!

Johnny Storm is back!  Not only is he back but he is back as a new member of the Marvel bad ass club.  The Human Torch comes back with control over the Negative Zone and the Annihilation Wave!  The Kree are killing people, bad things are happening all over, and its possible that one last minute save has come in the nick of time and all is well.  Until giant space ships start crashing into Earth and destroying everything they hit plus a large impact zone.

There’s a lot of amazing things in here.  Johnny Storm’s return.  Annihilus, Spider-Man, Thing vs Kree robots, Ronan and Crystal’s budding relationship.  Its so much more than the Fantastic Four, its a Fantastic Family with so many off shoots.

The ending of the book is what sold me.  Even in victory there is defeat.  Its  not just cause and effect, every effect is the cause for a new effect and it continues on.  Yes, you blew up the spaceships and that’s great, but now what?  Its one thing to be a super hero and save the day, but what about the night and what about tomorrow?  The Fantastic Four doesn’t just stop at the fight, it shows the consequences too.

Don’t be surprised to see Johnny Storm in a lead role sometime soon.  Team leader, carrying his own book, or maybe finally joining the Avengers (one of the few hold outs in Marvel).

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