The Incredible Hulk #3 Review.

From Marvel Comics, Jason Aaron, Marc Silvestri, and Sunny Gho.


Another amazing Hulk comic.  I’m a huge mark for Greg Pak and I loved Planet Hulk and World War Hulk, but this run is going higher and higher up my favorites list with every issue.  In this issue we are given a flashback to the experiment that separated Hulk from Bruce Banner.  Still no idea who did it and there’s more questions than answers, but at least this tease gives us a sort-of promise that answers will be forthcoming.

The Hulk takes on the Boar Brothers in this issue and it is violent.  The strikes send reverberations throughout the Earth.  Across the continent the ground shakes from the fight in the Earth’s core.  We’ve seen battles that encircle the planet, cross the planet, or even ones that rip planets into pieces but I don’t recall ever seeing the Battle in the Mantle!  This fight leads to one of my favorite pieces of comic writing of all time.  “Him hit like mountain.  If mountain had fists.”  That is my new definition of power.  I want it on t-shirts, mugs, posters, any bit of marketing you can think of.

The Hulk defeats the Boars, at least to the point where its going to take a long time before they come back.  He then heads over to Amanda Von Doom and signs up to take down Banner.

Speaking of Banner, the Boar Brothers are far from his only creation.  He stands on the island, ready for the Hulk, with a menagerie of Hulked out animals behind him.

There are some people who are upset by this.  Screw them.  I want to see the Hulk be the Godzilla of the Marvel Universe.  I want giant unnatural intelligent monsters to come fuck shit up and only the Hulk can stop them.  Reluctantly.  Hulk just wants to be happy and be left alone, but every time someone comes along to screw it all up.  That someone being Banner this time must be even tougher.  We have never seen this side.  The Hulk has always been the monster, misunderstood or otherwise.  What a twist to see Bruce Banner as the monster.

Great, fun title.  I’ll be reading issue 4 next so come back to see how bad things get for the Hulk next.


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