Mega-Super-Awesome Comic Sale!!

In other words, we’re having a clear out! In the next few weeks, I’ll be putting a lot of comics on eBay but I figured I’d list what I’ve got here first so as you lovely readers (and Facebook link clickers) can have the chance to snap up anything you might like without the ugliness of an auction ūüôā
All comics are in good condition unless I stated any specific damage, though all have been read and show signs of that (general spine wear etc. though nothing drastic.) If you’re interested in any of the titles, email me at chickpeasoup[at] or contact either myself or the boyfriend wonder on Facebook, and make us an offer. I will be happy to post overseas, but if you live in Glasgow and I can avoid having to package all of this stuff, so much the better!

PS: Expect typos a-go-go since this will be a very long and tedious list for me to type.


The Infinity Gauntlet #1-6 of 6
Iron Man: House of M #1-3 of 3
The Invincible Iron Man: Heroes Reunited #1-4 of 4
X-Men: Apocalypse vs Dracula #1-4 of 4
Askani’son #1-4 of 4
Son of M #1-6 of 6
The further adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1-4 of 4
Sunfire and the Big Hero 6 #1-3 of 3
Fantastic Four vs the X-Men #1-4 of 4
The End #1-6 of 6
Wolverine and the Punisher #1-3 of 3 (I don’t think these have ever been read – they are bagged, but not boarded so might have some slight creases but no major damage)
X-Men and Alpha Flight  #1-2 of 2
Xtreme X-Men #1-46 (missing issue 6 – though this may turn up so fingers crossed.)
Xtreme X-Men X-pose issue 1 + 2
Xtreme X-Men Savageland #1-4 of 4
Venom vs Wolverine ‘Tooth and Claw’ #1-3 of 3
Rise of Apocalypse #1-4 of 4
Wolverine Xisle #1-5 of 5
Annihilation Nova #1-4 of 4
Ultimate Civil War Spiderham  one-shot
The following are character database type things
X-Men Archives sketch book  2000 (we have two of these, for reasons that remain a mystery to me)
All New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z (2006)  issues 1-2 and 4-10 of a 12 issue series.
New Avengers Most Wanted Files
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: The Avengers 2004
Wolverine – Evolution of an Icon
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spiderman 2004
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spiderman 2005
Annihilation Nova Corps Files
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe The Book of the Dead 2004 (a charming collection of some of the deceased characters in the Marvel universe Рif you buy this, you can have fun checking off who is actually still dead.)
Ultimate Secrets
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men Age of Apocalypse 2005
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men 2004 (again, two copies of the exact same comic)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Wolverine 2004
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Daredevil 2004

Scratch 1-5 of 5
Battle for the Cowl #1-3 of 3
Lobo and Deadman ‘The Brave and the Bald’¬† one-shot
Superman and Thundercats  one-shot
Superman: The Wedding Album (regular cover)
OMAC #1-6 of 6
Blackest Night Flash #1-3 of 3
Blackest Night Titans #1-3 of 3
Blackest Night Superman #1-3 of 3
Flashpoint #1-5 of 5
Flash 9-12 Road to Flashpoint
Flashpoint Green Arrow Industries  one-shot
Flashpoint Wonder Woman and the Furies #1-3 of 3
Batgirl (2009 – Stephanie Brown) #1-4 of ongoing series
Green Lantern movie tie-in Kilowog  one-shot
Red Robin #1-4 of ongoing series
Final Crisis Aftermath number ones – Escape #1, Run #1, Dance #1, Ink #1
Firestorm #1+2 (2004)
Batman Detective Comics #700 (in super snazzy slip case)
Batman #515 (black cover)
Batman: The Return  one-shot
Green Lantern #81 (1996) Hal Jordan’s funeral issue with obligatory gimmicky cover

Ooooh… textured¬†and¬†shiny!

Green Lantern #1 (2005)
Seven Soldiers #0
New 52 Justice League #1 (first printing, if you care about that sort of thing)
Flash Rebirth #1
Batman 1989 Movie Special (!)
Justice League of America (2006) #1
52 Weeks 16 and 17
Supergirl (2006) #5
Robin II (1991) issues #2 and 3 of a four part mini series,¬†The Joker’s Wild.
Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing #1-3 of 3
iZombie #1-3

The following can go as one lot, or together if you like. It does include the crossover story¬†Deathtrap¬†which included Titans, Teen Titans and Vigilante, so it’d make sense to take it all … really it does. There are some odd gaps and some missing issues and I have no idea why. Sorry about that.
Teen Titans (2009) #69-71, #74 + 75, #79
Teen Titans Annual #1 (2009) Deathtrap Prelude
Titans (2008) #1-4, #6-16, #20
Titans East (2009) #1

Superman/Batman #8-9, #10 (two issues with two covers – Turner and Lee) #11-12, #13 (two issues with two covers – Supergirl cover and Bats and Supes cover)

And that’s it for now – this is about a quarter of the comics we have for sale. The rest will get listed here ASAP so check back for updates.

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