Best New Comic Book Covers Today! 1/25/12.

Holy crap.  I don’t think I’ve ever featured so many covers in this column.  There is so much cool stuff coming out that I don’t understand why more people aren’t reading comics.

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Lets get this comic party started!

Alpha Flight #8

I admit, I’m not big on Alpha Flight.  But this cover promises so much.  Is it a villain taking out a hero, or a hero crossing that line?  Will this decision result in vindication?  (Alright, so I know some things about Alpha Flight.)

Captain America and Bucky #626

Why is Bucky shooting at Cap?  Also, which Cap and which Bucky is this?  No matter what, its a cover that must be bent back to find out what the hell is going on.


Deadpool #49.1

Deadpool the Musical?  Alright, I feel that Wade is grossly over exposed and I’ve been trying to avoid anything he’s in.  But this concept might be enough to drag me in kicking and screaming.  Also, I’m pretty sure the series ends with the next issue.

FF #14

Gush!  This issue, bookended with the new Fantastic Four coming out today looks like the greatest one two punch in comics since Superman vs. Muhammad Ali.  Massive Galactus hand!  Doom!  Must buy now!

Fantastic Four #602

This is that second punch I was talking about.  There are few things in comics that can be used and still get enough attention to make even non-readers of the title take notice.  Galactus is one of those characters.  Cant wait to see how they save Earth this time.

All Star Western #5

This cover has been narrated by Morgan Freeman for your listening pleasure.  “Jonah Hex crawled to freedom through five hundred yards of shit.”

Aquaman #5

The King of Atlantis… stuck in the desert!  Damn this issue sounds incredible.

Blackhawks #5

Yeah, its cheesecake.  But damn if it isn’t some great cheesecake.

American Vampire #23

Oh this is such a fucked up cover.  Right up there with EC comics.  In fact, it might even go further than that.  I’m torn between wanting this on something to display – a poster, a shirt – and needing to pass in polite society.

30 Days of Night #4

Just plain creepy.  What else would you expect from this series?

Elephantmen #37

Another title I know nothing about but that has been having some amazing covers.  Where do I start with this?  Anyone a fan?  I need to know a good jumping on point.

Nancy in Hell on Earth #1

Not just about the cheesecake, that was the Blackhawk cover.  This gets on the list for the Grindhouse style cover.  Loves me some Grind.

The Walking Dead #93

Other groups!  Civilization?  Society?  Oh there is so damn much that’s about to happen in this title.  This new arc is going to be huge.

Key of Z #4

What the hell is this?!  It looks like Paul Bunyan hunting zombies.  Is that what it is?  I really need to buy Previews again because I am missing out on cool shit every week.

Archie #629

Archie meets Kiss, and become rock n roll zombies from the looks of it.  Archie has somehow become the biggest risk takers in comics. When all the history comes out the early 21st century of Archie Comics is going to make for some fascinating reading.

The Sixth Gun #18

Have all the covers used the logo within the art and I just haven’t noticed before today?  Damn that’s some clever art.  Will Eisner stuff going on there.

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