The Top Four of NXT 1/25/2012

Hello, my loves. Another week and another NXT and I suspect this week I am going to get a lot of hate for my top four list. So let’s get right into it!

4. Percy Watson and Alex Riley

Before you throw stones at me, listen. Alex Riley was brought up way too soon on RAW and most people knew it as soon as he was separated from The Miz, but after months of Superstars showings Riley has become a better performer, both in ring and on the microphone. Percy Watson, who shed his Eddie Murphy persona after his loss on NXT season 2, grew even more tolerable when he stopped teaming with his “best friend“ Titus O‘Neil. Together the shiny new NXT stars make a great duo to feud with Titus O’Neil (who is awful, have I mentioned how awful he is??).

3. Heath Slater vs. Trent Barreta

What? Oh yes, Heath Slater. It was obvious going in that Slater was going to win but that did not keep the two of them from putting on an excellent match. The reason this one is dropped a bit down on the list is because there is no story behind it. Barreta, though, is a great opponent for Slater in the ring and it gives him a chance to shine. Well, at least not look so dull. He’s trying!

2. The Usos vs. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

I am biased towards Hawkins and Reks, I do not deny it. Reks is looking less like a caveman every week as he perfectly trims that beard and Hawkins looks dashing with his cane. They even have matching ring gear! I approve. Enough about how great those two are, though, there is a match I am giving my love for! The Usos and MidCard Mafia Men have fought before, and have shown animosity and dislike whenever they have the chance, so even while it did not show on this episode it had been built up. The Usos get the win! And a great win it is! As an aside, during this match William Regal points out that Regal has only been in three Rumble matches out of twelve years being employed with the WWE. Was this a hint? We can hope!

1. Derrick Bateman, Johnny Curtis, and Maxine

This may seem redundant, but you know what, I am the one reviewing it! Not you! Nyah! Once again Bateman does not wrestle but he does have a chance to borrow Scott Stanford’s character by dancing with a mop (oh yeah, I had to bring that up). Bateman, Curtis, and Maxine put on a great show of things and while Maxine and Bateman try to tell Curtis to leave NXT Striker butts in with, “Nobody is getting off of NXT, we need all of the warm bodies we can get on here-” where Maxine promptly tells the host of NXT to “SHUT UP!” Oh, and Maxine kicks Johnny Curtis in the man-parts which was hilarious, even if I had to admit that Johnny Curtis looked a bit handsome in this episode. Still, the chemistry, the laughter, and the attitude of these three always make their parts electric and entertaining.

Other honorable mentions this week: Matt Striker claiming that he’s, “still the host of NXT,” every episode is actually amusing. Kaitlyn seems to be developing a pseudo-creepy storyline of her own. And William Regal is on commentary. If I had saved more of his lines he might have been able to bump off someone from the top four, but alas he did not make it to the top four this week!

Titus O’Neil is still awful, especially when he says to Percy Watson, “Percy, you have only one option, you’re either with me or against me.” (Psst, that’s two)

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