This is Really Happening #49


Originally at, and credit to Crave Online.


DOOMED again!  Sax returns from his bender assignment, reunites with Tim and examines even more of the Doomed!  This week:  You can be jailed for farting in Africa!  What is less than 100 lbs and scares a moose?  More bad dentists!  Who’s going to rat you out to the cops for having loud sex in Florida?  And what to do with a rental property that you’ve over invested in once your wife discovers you’re a Star Trek nerd?

These questions and many more answered on this week’s THIS IS REALLY  HAPPENING!

Wanna share the news? now goes right to all the TIRH action you can handle! But stay tuned to CraveOnline for all the other goodies and fresh hot “This is REALLY Happening” every Tuesday! Plus a “This is REALLY Happening: Period!” every month or so. Oh yeah! Doomed to the MAX!


All this and more here on TIRH only on (also iTunes)

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