Sam Proof’s Weird News – Teen calls 911 on Mom Having Sex!

Teen calls 911 on Mom Having Sex!

The Stories:

Little girl saves mom with Pizza…

Teen calls 911 on Sex Mom…

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Here’s a cheesey story to start things off

When seven-year-old Rita Lawlor couldn’t wake her mother up she responded with some quick thinking, and slapped her mother in the face with a slice of pizza. When her mother still didn’t wake up she called 9-1-1 who arrived on the scene to and Rita’s mother was revived.

The little girl said “I called 911, but first I slapped her with a piece of pizza. They didn’t get there in 30 minutes or less, though, so it’s free!”

That one’s gonna take some toppings to beat…

A 15-year-old Florida girl called 911 to report she could hear her mom having sex.

She told an officer that she wanted to go to a local shelter “because she heard her mother having sex” and “felt disrespected” by her 35-year-old parent’s actions. The teen acknowledged, “There was no form of abuse or neglect in the house.”

In the end the teen decided to stay living at home instead of going to a shelter after cops explained she’d be “you know, in a room with a bunch of other teens… and they’re all horny… and there’s even less walls separating you from them.”

Proving once again, Florida is the hub of all that’s weird.

Also, apparently Snooki is hot now. Still a crazy little ball of monkey butter though… wait… (picture) never mind.

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This is Samproof for SPTV saying, …

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