25 Things I Would Rather Watch Than the SuperBowl. (2012 Edition)


Yes, this list returns for the third year!  Not only is it a fun way for me to wave my non sports loving flag, its also fun to see how my tastes and interests change.

If its your first year reading this list, here are the rules:  These must be shows that are available to watch on network or cable during the time that the SuperBowl airs.  So, the game is scheduled  from 6-10PM on Sunday.  Only shows that air from 6 until 10 can be used for this list.  No Netflix, no online content, no DVR, no PPVs.  It must be airing for everyone within this time frame.

I will defend every one of these selections, but you must leave a comment and tell me which one you doubt (and why).

On to the list!


1. America’s Funniest Home Videos

2. Bob’s Burgers

3. Kitchen Nightmares

4. Tosh.O

5. World’s Strongest Man Competitions

6.  Cheaters

7. Real Time with Bill Maher

8. Game of Thrones

9.  Alien

10. Auction Hunters

11. Being Human

12. The Simpsons

13. Cleveland Show

14. Family Guy

15. American Dad

16. Robot Chicken

17. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

18. Phineas and Ferb

19. Bigger Stronger Faster

20. Jersey Girl

21. Hooters Dream Girl 2010

22. The Core

23. Bomb Patrol Afganistan

24. Big Fish

25. Downton Abbey


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