Top 4 of WWE NXT 2/1/12.

Well this should have been the show for the first, but WWE did not have the decency to load it until the 2nd when they uploaded Superstars. Jerks.

4. Percy Watson and Alex Riley vs. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil

Titus O’Neil is awful. Starting the show with him is horrible. Having Darren Young team with him made me want to cry! So why is this match even on the list? Well, for starters, the divas were gypped. NXT has consistently been the best place to watch divas matches. This week Maxine and Alicia Fox had such a short match you would have thought it was Raw. That immediately bumped it off of the list. Riley and Watson have been looking better and better lately, and Young is good in the ring and growing better on the mic. The promo was good when Titus was not involved and the match was decent until Titus won it.

3. Trent Barreta vs. Tyson Kidd

Disappointed with a lack of story between these two, but let’s face it, the men can wrestle. They put on a great match that for anyone who watches on a regular basis might be confused. After all, it did seem Kidd was turning face, but then he faced another face. Of course, this kind of thing does not bother me as much as it seems to the WWE. Throw any two men in the ring, I do not care, as long as the story works. Here we just have a great match. Give less time to O’Neil speaking and perhaps these two could develop more of a storyline.

2. Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, and Matt Striker

Matt Striker, who is still the host of NXT just to remind you, starts off on the phone during this segment complaining about the stress he is under. He also says William Regal is his only friend on the show. Out come Reks and Hawkins, who tell his friend on the phone that he’ll have to call him back. Hawkins wants to know how Striker can be treating them the way he is, using the word audacity. Striker, while looking frightened and smug, says, “Audacity is a big word for you.” Reks and Hawkins go from intimidating to easy-going in the blink of an eye, and they do it believably. Hilarious men who get too much crap for having dreads and carrying a cane. These men have more character than your typical Raw guy. Pay attention, these men are the future.

1. Derrick Bateman! Maxine! And some other people…

Part one of this awesome list of hilarity starts with Heath Slater. Yes, Slater! I actually am enjoying this man as of late and he comes out and shows his win over Barreta from a couple of weeks ago over, and over, and over, and – you get the idea. Derrick comes out and puts a stop to this madness and shows Slater his losses, including the one to, “Hornswoggle. Little Horny.” Oh Bateman. Maxine comes out moments later for her match set up with Fox (see earlier rant). Bateman has the biggest smile on his face watching her come out. This is one couple I can get behind and adore. For the record, Curtis is the reason Maxine loses her match. CURTIS!

Later in the show Bateman and Maxine are looking for Curtis to crush him for his interruption and they prove a face and a heel can make an excellent couple. Kaitlyn butts into Maxine’s tirade as she searches for Curtis and Maxine makes fun of Kaitlyn for liking Bateman. After they walk off screen Curtis does his perfect rendition of creepy by stepping out of a door and looking amused.

I can not stress enough how NXT seems to love storylines, which makes this an excellent show. The matches could have been better this week, but I will let it slide because this show consistently has more matches and more relevant storytelling. Watch it, learn why I constantly continue to love Derrick and Maxine, Reks and Hawkins, and about every other talent on the show (not O‘Neil). Then tune in next week when apparently everyone is getting a match. I’m not sure who “everyone” is that is considered on NXT anymore, but you know what, it should be fun finding out!

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