Atomic Robo and the Ghost of Station-X #1 Review.

From Red 5 Comics, Brian Clevinger, and Scott Wegener.

“You can contribute or you can leave.”

This is the first issue of Atomic Robo I have ever read.  I was lost, confused, and at times I didn’t have a clue who was on the page or what was their purpose in the overall story.  And I loved every single panel.

Atomic Robo is faced with a task,  there are astronauts trapped in space and they only have seven hours of life yet.  Its up to Robo and his crew to think of a way to save them, build and create that thought, then hope they can enact it all in time to save the lives of those astronauts.

Holy crap!

Seeing Robo’s think tank come up with an idea, and seeing so much thought inside a comic was exciting.  Yes, that’s the perfect word.  I was excited to read this comic.  Every page kept me interested, every bit of text had me entranced.  I was at home while reading this, constantly turning to my honey and saying, “listen to this!”

I don’t even know if any of the science and ideas inside this issue could actually happen under our current knowledge of physics, but it doesn’t matter.  While reading the book, I believed in every single thing that was being said.  I believed that this science would work, I believed that this mission would succeed.  Hell, I believed in this ridiculously smart robot adventurer.

The book is so good that I had to own the rest of this limited series, and Brian Clevinger was nice enough to send me an advanced copy of issue 5 to review.

Prepare for Atomic Robo night!

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