New DVD Day 2/7/12.

The column was missing last week.  I wasn’t home to write it up, sorry for all of you that were looking forward to it.  Lets look at the cool new stuff coming out today and then in a little bit I’ll write up last week’s releases for the hell of it.  Now to get right into those spinning discs that are taking up space on all our shelves.

Can someone tell me what the big deal is with Downton Abbey?  Season 2 is out today and I still have yet to watch a minute of it.  I actually un-followed Patton Oswalt because I couldn’t deal with reading any more about it.  But I say that as someone who knows nothing of it.  I could have been excited to hear about it if I was a fan of it.  If anyone writes in with a glowing recommendation I will immediately start watching season one.

The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall.  My mom ordered this and somehow it showed up early.  She loved every minute of it and has already watched it multiple times.  If you enjoy theater, or need to buy something for someone who does, this is a great new disc to pick up.

Harold and Kumar Christmas.  I don’t actually care, but the fiance is a huge Neil Patrick Harris fan so I know we’ll sit through this movie eventually.   See also: Beastly.

Hawaii Five-O Season one, featuring a lot of people you liked in other scifi/geeky shows.  But this show isn’t geeky itself.  Just geeky casting.  Make up your minds show runners!  Which genre do you want?!  I need to know so then I can decide whether or not I want to watch this show once and for all.

Quentin Tarantino directed an episode of CSI.  I haven’t watched CSI in at least 4 years if not longer.  Is there any reason to care about this episode?  And where is the single episode DVD of the Rob Zombie directed one?

Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury looks to be one of the worst movies I’ve ever even heard of.  It stars Danny Trejo, Kevin Sorbo and Jason Mewes.  Machete, Hercules and Jay.  There is not an ounce of possibility that this is a good movie.  Not a fucking chance.

Rocko’s Modern Life Season Two!  From Shout Factory!  One of the greatest NickToons of all time now available to enjoy at home any time you like.

Check out some previews of this pick of the week as we close out this week’s column.



  1. Dude, Poolboy is the best shit I’ve ever seen. No lie. It’s a lost movie from 1990 that is the worst film ever made, but it’s pretty obvious it’s on purpose. Words can’t describe how fucked up this film is.

    • I will be on the lookout for this DVD. Not sure how much money I’m willing to spend on it, but if I find it for the right amount I’ll give it a chance now.

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