This is Really Happening #51!

Its double-time DOOMED as the boys take a look at all the latest in news that proves humanity is on a fast snowboard down the slopes of Mt. Hell. This week, we’ve got a rug that makes you sick (and we don’t mean a toupee). We’ve got a man who led police on a long car chase for his own amusement, and ours!  We’ve got a woman who finds her fast food electrifying. Plus, two Canadian cops explain why a Turkish morgue needs to install motion detectors. Oh, and Sax Carr goes on a little rant about Superbowl food. All this and Tim Powers on the internet’s most schadenfreude-ist show!  Fun stuff… if your DOOOMED! 

Wanna share the news? now goes right to all the TIRH action you can handle! But stay tuned to CraveOnline for all the other goodies and fresh hot “This is REALLY Happening” every Tuesday! Plus a “This is REALLY Happening: Period!” every month or so. Oh yeah! Doomed to the MAX!

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