Atomic Robo: The Ghost of Station X #4 Review.

“We’re being painted.  Multiple sources!”  “Well, hot dog.  There’s multiple choppers.”  On, what else, page 3.

The issue starts with the greatest freeway battle you will ever see.  Oh yeah.  Better than the Matrix or Transformers.  I would say get Atomic Robo on the big screen but chances are someone at a studio would mess it up and we would all be disappointed in the representation of our beloved hero.

Speaking of cinema and heroes, the great 1970s genre of films comes back in force this issue.  That’s right, its time for some CB adventure! Breaker Breaker, Atomic Robo style!  With all of our GPS and cell phone tower pings its tougher and tougher to be off of radar.  Should disaster and an apocalypse happen (you know, like zombies) the citizens band and ham radios will be our major source of communication.  There are enough enthusiasts still who could get a ham radio up and running, but do you think you could go into your garage and create the internet?

But these are the things Atomic Robo teaches its readers.  Look at one scene in the book.  Robo comes in and says, “we need a convoy” and is met by silence.  That is, until he follows it up with “for science!” and everyone chips in.  For science?!  Who does anything these days for the greater intellectual good of the world?  I say this at a time when people have never used more technology while simultaneously getting dumber.

This is the moment when I realized what I have been reading and why I’m loving it so much.  Atomic Robo is an American Doctor Who.  Seriously.  Follow me here.  Robo has been around longer than he looks.  He is trying to make humanity better because while he is more advanced than we are, he sees the potential.  Even though he is smart and powerful enough to do everything himself, he works best with companions.  Its done best as one short self contained story.  And, as Craig Ferguson put it,  “intellect and romance triumph over brute force and cynicism!”  Granted, not too much romance in this series but my point remains!

Only one more issue left to get my fix, and guess who was gifted with an advanced reader copy?

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