Comic Book Reviews from Pete’s Basement Season 5, Episode 5 – 2.07.12.


Pete talks about Before Watchmen and shares some of his Ebay scores. Steve delves into this week’s haul. Ramon sits this one out for a full episode of quiet time, as penance for the whole Ramon’s Basement thing.
In this episode: Alan Moore,Amazing Spider-Man,Avengers vs. X-Men,Before Watchmen,Comic Connection,Crime Horror And Fantasy,Death of Superman,Doomsday,Dr. Manhattan,eBay,Episode,Flash,Geoffrey’s Comics,Locke And Key: Clockworks,Minute Men,Nite Owl,Ozymandias,Punisher,R. Crumb,Rorschach,Silk Spectre,Silver Surfer,The Comedian,The House of Terror,Twilight Zone,Uncanny X-Force,Uncanny X-Men,Watchmen,Weird Fantasy,Werewolf By Night,Winter Soldier

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