Valiant Comics Rewards You for Reading! (Find out how inside!)

This morning Valiant Comics started to follow me on Twitter (@ValiantComics of course) and I spent some time reading through their tweets, their site, and other pieces of information.  That is how I discovered the greatest idea in comics.

If you walk into your local comic book store and add a Valiant title, say for this example X-O Manowar #1 you will receive a variant cover only available to subscribers.  That’s right.  The comic that you were going to buy anyways, now you get a cool alternate and thus better cover on it.  For no extra charge.  Just for loving Valiant.

It comes out in May and the cover is by Cary Nord.

I am on my way to pick up this week’s books and now to add this comic to my pull list.  Lets all help each other out.  Valiant followed me, I got excited and posted this article, you read it and maybe Valiant gets more money and can continue to put out great titles.

Go to the VALIANT site for more information.

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