Sam Proof’s Weird News: Sweden Edition — Sexy Nurses, ATM mice and SNOW. &

Buried for Two Months!…

ATM Mouse:…

Hello Nurse:…

Welcome to the weird news where we wander weekly to a mystical wonderland Not Oz, Not Narnia… this week’s off beat stories slide right out of … SVeden

A Swedish man is being treated in hospital after being dug out alive from his snow-buried car, the man claims to have survived for two months with no food.

Doctors believe the man’s body would have naturally reduced his body temperature until he fell in to hibernation like state, similar to that of a bear, which according to the doctor ‘Humans can do’, Then man then mauled three orderlies and ran off with a salmon in his mouth.

Here’s a bit of an unexpected tail …
A man in northern Sweden, went to an ATM to take out some money when the machine dispensed, what appear to be a string with the man’s 700 Kroner.

The man said, he pulled the string, only to discover it was a mouse’s tail.
The bank has yet to comment, and the man has been charged for both ATM transactions.

Once again proving that the dirtiest rats are in banking.

Well — hellllllllo Nurse!
A hospital in Stockholm has posted a job ad for emergency room nurses who are “TV-series hot.”

The web based ad reads: “You will be motivated, professional, and have a sense of humour. And of course, you will be TV-series hot or a Söder hipster. Throw in a nurse’s education and you are welcome to seek a summer job at Södersjukhuset’s – soder…-sod… at the hospital emergency department.”

Head nurse Elisabeth Gauffin said. “We want people to be curious and have a little imagination,”

nursing manager Jörgen Andersson added “Of course, being good looking is no requirement at all. We put out an ad looking for interest and we got a great response. We want a nurse who is qualified and good at their job, regardless of looks,”

Now being a doctor however requires the ability to do a single leg hook dismount.

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