Queen of Dragons by Shana Abe Review.

Queen of Dragons by Shana Abé

2 of 5 stars

The third novel of the series is about the woman who seems to be the strongest of the drakon race she is a part of. Traveling to Darkfrith to meet the other drakon for herself the story is about the troubles she meets along the way.

Plot: The plot is about a group of men that are killing off the drakon, though you do not actually realize what the plot is about until halfway through. Before that it seemed to be about how Maricara could possibly be destroying cattle and churches and… well, I do not really know.

Characters: Maricara is the main character, a princess with overly strong dragon powers. She meets up with Kimber, the man she is supposed to marry, at least he believes she is supposed to. Kimber is a pompous jerk and never really changes, but she falls for him anyway since this is first and foremost a romance novel. The romance was forced and the characters did not mesh well and all they ever talked about was how she was different but that they should marry for the better of his society.

What did I just waste my time on? I nearly gave this book 3 stars just because Shana knows how to write a sentence. But she knows how to write a sentence too well and most of the book is spent explaining how they turn to smoke, then to dragons. Like we don’t understand that from the first two novels, Shana instead decides to find whole new ways to describe it for us. She spends so much time on this aspect that the plot becomes disjointed and important questions are left unanswered. Like, how were they getting messages back and forth but when one tried to visit he would be killed? Seems that the forces working against them would have kept the messages away as well!

Reasons to read this novel:

3. You read the first two

2. You like historical fantasy romance

1. You like very detailed novels

Reasons not to read this novel:

4. More of a cliffhanger than the other 2

3. Too little happens throught it

2. Contrived romance

1. Poorly executed story

One comment

  1. Currently reading now, but it’s seems the pacing is glacial and the story seems boring and drawn out just enough to fill the page. I might place it in the back burner as my TBR stack is toppling over and revisit at a later date.
    (Appreciate your review masked library as it gave me a sigh of relief that I was not the only one that felt this way about this book.)

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