TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 3/8/12.

Eric Bischoff, Gunner and soon to be on WWE TV’s own Ric Flair come out to talk.  A match is made.  Little Bischoff and a mystery partner vs. Gunner and an equally mysterious partner.  Gunner’s partner is revealed to be Kurt Angle.  TNA fails to build tension.

Eric Young and ODB vs. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.

Madison hits Gail with the title and EY gets the pin.  Then Eric proposes to ODB.  For those keeping track this means the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles are now worthless.  Also, her married name will be One Dirty Young Bitch.  Or Young Dirty Bastard.

Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries.  Zema wins by DQ.

Bully Ray wants a title match and just for the hell of it Sting gives him one… next!

Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode

Match is a no contest.  Ray goes for a weapon, and James Storm makes the save.  Bully leaves and Storm hits a super kick on Roode.  So the match is just thrown out.

Crimson and Matt Morgan vs. Robbie E and Robbie T.

Morgan goes for the pin but Crimson sneaks into the match and takes the pin for the glory.  Crimson and Morgan argue even though they are now Number one contenders for the tag titles.  (The mens one, not Eric and ODB’s.)

AJ Styles talks about spending ten years in TNA.  Damn.  I’m sorry AJ.  Kazarian and Daniels come out, make fun of AJ.  AJ says he loves assholes and Mr Anderson returns to team up with AJ.

Eric Bischoff comes out and postpones Garrett’s mystery partner match.  Chances are this will be edited out and tomorrow something will be filmed to take its place.  Jeff Hardy was booked to be the partner but got food poisoning.  TNA didn’t want to put him on TV like that.  Because they’ve never taken a sick, unfit to compete Jeff Hardy and put him on TV before.

TNA Xplosion taping:

Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love.

Velvet gets the pin.


  1. I appreciate the information but I do not appreciate the shitty sarcasm. I did not come here to read any biased crap. Things would be so much better in the future if you all would just give the facts, all of the facts and nothing but the facts-and that is it. Also, if you dislike .T.N.A. so much then what the fuck are you doing posting for it? Just leave room for those who will not waste any time, space or energy on bullshit sarcasm.

    • There are hundreds of sites for wrestling news. There are some great ones for nothing but facts. Sites like or the Torch, etc. I am trying to do something a little different. Sorry that you didn’t appreciate it. I’ll miss you as a unique visitor as you leave my site to read your TNA spoilers on one of the more serious wrestling sites out there.

      “Its pro wrestling! Its been ridiculous since day one!” – Chris Candido.

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