Record Review: ‘Believer’ by Kutless

It’s been nearly ten years since Kutless’ debut self-titled CD was released, and If one were to compare it to their latest release, Believer, one would find themselves immersed in two different bands. Having nearly just abandoned that old sound, producer Dave Lubbens takes the band in a new direction, offering a polished sound that falls a bit in the mix of other CCM bands.

The opening track, “If It Ends Today” offers one hope that while the band may have combined that post-grunge sound with the polish and flourish of other modern rock bands, but after this point the record mellows out for a bit. However there are standout tracks that move above filler, “Carry On” is anthemic in nature, but never loses it’s passion of flare. The album picks up again at “Need,” offering almost a Foo Fighters “Pretender” intro and vibe.

After a series of great records from Kutless, this one just falls through the mix. Not that it’s the worst thing in the world, but it’s not the best either. Credit Kutless for being a band true to itself and always knowing which direction it wanted to go in, and in their first non worship album in four years, it’s just good to have them back.

Album Rating: Borrow It from a Friend

Listening Co-efficient: Passive Listen

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