Record Review: ‘Mona’ by Mona

If you’re hailing from Nashville and sound like this, you’re going to be compared to Kings of Leon, with that said, Mona are a great band in their own right. They have that same whiskey fuel with buzzing guitars, and while the Kings last effort wasn’t totally what fans were looking for, Mona makes a great substitute.

Nick Brown’s vocals may remind you of Caleb Followill, but has more in common with an early Bono. “Cloak and Dagger,” the albums opening track, feels like it could have come from some of U2’s early stuff, as does it’s third “Teenager.” “Listen to Your Love” has that southern feel and the guitar sound from King’s last album Come Around Sundown. “Shooting the Moon” is one of those straight up rock songs that will have you singing along.

Despite the southern formula use, this album is enjoyable on it’s own. It certainly stands out from the pack, even if only barely. Some may only attribute Mona to the Kings of Leon tribute band circuit, but that’s an unfair statement, considering they are comprised of more than one influence. In fact, there was a time when influences were a form of flattery, and by God if blues hasn’t done it to death. Check out a great band and a great album.

Album Rating: Stream It or Digitally Download It (Legally of Course)

Listening Co-efficient: Passive Listen

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