Record Review: ‘The Wall’ (Deluxe Experience Edition) by Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd are a strange band, one that fell in the category of “before their time.” In this digital age, Pink Floyd would be most at home, and now it seems with this run of remastered re-releases, they have begun to embrace the age. The latest edition of the re-issue game, which has already seen new packaging of Dark Side of the Moon, and Wish You Were Here, is Floyd’s last and arguably it’s greatest contribution to music cannon: The Wall.

The Wall has that ability to be rediscovered and made relevant now and again. The other side of the coin, however, is that when you listen to this masterpiece, you can hear the band braking up. Hell, Roger Waters wanted Rick Wright out of the band before The Wall was even completed, but Wright stuck around for a little while longer, knowing the significance of this album. And in the end, what’s created is the greatest statement on personal alienation and the influence of our peers, and how damaging that can be.

The remastered discs sound phenomenal, and If you’ve got a great sound system, crank it up! This edition of The Wall includes a whole slew of demos, available for the first time. The demos alone are a worthy purchasing point for this collection, especially for hardcore Floyd fans or for fans of music in general. The iTunes version comes with a few tracks from the live album they released last decade, thought they feel lost and out of place in the mix. The big reason why The Wall live is a miss is from the missing visual experience that the fan misses out on. But for a consolation prize, Roger Waters is touring The Wall as we speak.

Whether you’re listening to this again, or discovering it for the first time, this album is an experience, and now with the remastered version, you’re listening to it as it should be, and with this digital age, you have no choice but to adapt or die. Now, Pink Floyd are more relevant then ever, and it seems that the age has finally caught up to the band in a delightful way.

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Bonus Content Listening Co-efficient: Active Listen

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