Record Review: ‘WZRD’ by WZRD

What happens when Rap artists decide to put out a rock album? Sounds like some lame intro to The Real World, but that’s the best way to describe this album. Hype for this began over a year ago via Kid Kudi’s Twitter account, pushing for a summer release. Sadly, it was pushed to February 28th, but with all the hype and changes, is this really worth it?

When I say this is a rock record, I mean rock record. No raps, no profanity, all rock and singing. It’s easy to hear the influences of this album, which include such bands as ELO, Jimi Hendrix, and Pink Floyd. And while it’s a rock record at heart, their are still rap influences all over it. The albums lead single, “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie” has a drum beat that is distinctly hip-hop. Cudi doesn’t have the worst voice on that planet, but it’s not the best singing voice and retains more of it’s rap vibe than anything else.

As a rock record it does stand out, offering up unique songs from unlikely sources. The album comes off at times sounding like a new hash of TV on the Radio, especially with the track “Live & Learn.” The song, “Brake” has that Floyd “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” feel going on to it while branching out into modern influences. The album even includes a nod to Nirvana, as they cover Lead Belly’s version of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”

In all, this album is very compelling, at times it trips itself, with long drawn out melodies that could be shortened a bit. But the overall experience is wonderful, and a thrill to watch it unfold. This is an album that will truly have you wondering what’s next from track to track?

Album Rating: Stream It or Digitally Download It (Legally of Course)

Listening Co-efficient: Passive Listen

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