Top 4 of FCW 2/26/12.

This list should have been so much more than 4 but doing it now seems like I would be open to cheating in the future. Still, this episode was full of awesome for lack of a better word.

4. Seth Rollins vs. Rick Victor

Everyone already knows of Rollins and how good he is. Seeing him in action is always something to behold. But for some reason this might have been my favorite match I’ve seen thus far of his. Victor is coming along nicely and would be my pick for best dressed of the males. Rollins wins this match, which was obvious from the beginning, but there was enough back and forth that the tense moments were there.

3. Raquel Diaz Promo 

She did not wrestle this week but she went out looking sensual in a blue dress that was cut low enough if she breathed wrong the men in the audience (and some of the women) would have enjoyed the show even more and her hairstyle is different, more stylish. She seems to be experimenting with her look but her attitude does not change, nor does it need to. Next week she promises to wrestle two women for the championship so that she can show she’s not a coward. It is nice to see a confident woman, a strong woman, a beautiful woman that is utilized the way she should be.

2. Damien Sandow vs. Richie Steamboat

What made this match was the ending. Oh, sure, it was exciting the entire way through, these men put on a good show, but I was surprised at the direction they took. This match was for the 15 Championship which Steamboat held. In fifteen minutes not one man won a pinfall over the other, which defaults it back to Steamboat. Steamboat, though, was unhappy. He nearly had the pin. Another second or two and he would have pinned Sandow. Why does he care? He is a man who wants to win on his own merits. When the crowd started chanting, “Five more minutes,” which I totally would have gone for, Steamboat was chanting with them five more minutes. When he was declared the winner he looks happy to be the winner and torn at having lost the pin. Great story in this.

1. Sakamoto vs. Dean Ambrose

I like Sakamoto. He has a good luck and a good style. But he was up against Dean Ambrose. There was no winning this. William Regal perhaps gave Ambrose the best compliment a man could receive during this match: “Have either of you ever faced the person that is going to be your demise? That is what I see in the eyes of Dean Ambrose.” If you have been online you know of Dean Ambrose, it is time to see him in action, using Regal’s finishers, and giving the man an epic stare down. Ambrose wins this match with a Regal Stretch.

Here are the things that would have made the list if I wasn’t always going for 4:

5. Corey Graves vs. CJ Parker

6. James Bronson and Dean Ambrose promos

7. Big E Langston vs. Jason Jordan

Yeah, the episode was that full of greatness.


Solace Winter

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