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Slovaks May Name Bridge After Chuck Norris…

PB & Burglary

Super Boobs…

Welcome to the weird news where the wild and the wacky aren’t just fun in bed.

This just in, Chocolate covered burglars, super boobs to the rescue and if you cross Chuck Norris you’ll end up eating Borscht!

The naming of a pedestrian bridge that spans the Morava River and connects Austria to Slovakia, has been left up to the internet. While voting still continues ‘Chuck Norris’ movie legend and internet meme sensation has become the obvious front runner with 74% of the vote.

Local officials in Slovakia say that they will honor the results of the internet poll, however Slovokian officials say if this goes through the bridge, they won’t cross the bridge, cause you don’t cross Chuck Norris and live to tell about it!

And Now with a sticky situation, this week’s returning Guest reporter, Mr Jeremy Belenger.


You got your chocolate in my peanut butter, you got your peanut butter in my chocolate… this guy got his penis all over it… this game sucks.

Speaking of two great tastes that taste great together, Sheyla Hershey, whose 38 triple-K breasts hold the Guinness world record for implants, crashed her Mustang while allegedly driving drunk to her Houston home on Super Bowl Sunday. She was not wearing a seatbelt, and claims those giant breasts saved her life.

Police have investigated the boobs… repeatedly.

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