Smarked for Death – WWE Smackdown 3/2/12.

Due to the magic of Smackdown airing outside the US on Thursday nights I’ve already watched tonight’s episode!  Lets see what I thought:

Sheamus, Dolph, Vickie and Teddy all talk.


Storyline continuity.  The Teddy Long vs. Johnny Ace feud is continued.  Sheamus brings up his previous title run.  Vickie mentions her time as a GM.  For those of us who study wrestling this was a good segment.


I refuse to believe that Sheamus is concerned with bullies at his size.

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

Nothing but pluses in this match.  Dolph looked incredibly strong.  Even though Sheamus is main eventing ‘Mania I still thought Ziggler might win.  Twice, a quick roll up, and a leg lariat, looked like Dolph had the match won.  Great match.  And Sheamus’s new finisher, White Noise, is a great addition to his arsenal.

Cody Rhodes and the Big Show confrontation.

Minuses:  All of it really.  We all knew this match was coming and thus it all seemed pointless.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry.

The best thing to come out of these two men facing each other so many times is that they now know how to have a good match.  Power moves, slow pace and sudden bursts of speed and strength.  Limited though they may be this was a well put together match.  Great spot at the end with Mark Henry running into Show’s fist.

I’ll hold off on thoughts regarding Drew until his match.

Randy Orton interview.  Orton wasn’t feeling himself lately.  But now the cramps are gone, he pooped in a Diva’s bag, and all is well.

Drew McIntyre vs. Justin Gabriel

Remember when Drew’s music was awesome and exciting and it felt like a star was coming to the ring?  Seriously, what the hell happened to Drew?

Great match!  Drew looks dominant and aggressive.  The story is continued, as Drew is near disqualified but he is going further than necessary to keep his job.  Drew takes a DDT and sells it like an exclamation point, not seen since the glory days of Rob Van Dam.  Also, one of the best camera angles ever in wrestling, perfectly capturing the 450 splash.

Drew was “fired” but of course none of us believe it.  I’m enjoying this story but I fear it may run longer than necessary.

Daniel Bryan is much better as a heel than he ever was as a face (at least within WWE).  Another great promo from the man.

Daniel Bryan (world champion, with AJ) vs. Randy Orton

Again, Bryan is better as a heel.  He works over Orton’s arm and elbow setting up for the finish.  While Daniel has always done this, its done in a much different way as a heel.  More aggressive, and with less thought for his opponent’s well being.

The bad:  There is no reason for this Kane vs Randy Orton feud.  Orton has no trouble embracing hate.  Orton also had no previous issues with Kane, thus there was no reason for Randy to rush at the Big Red Machine.  It is an all too obvious last minute to WrestleMania booking for two main eventers.  Not to say that it wont become a good angle, but it isn’t starting out as one.

Johnny Ace books Kane vs. Aksana for next week?  No one wants to see that.  And by “that” I mean Aksana.

David Otunga’s coffee tumbler matches his outfit!  This is the greatest ending to a wrestling show ever!

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