Supurbia #1 and What Came Before.


Supurbia #1 comes out today and I’ve been looking forward to this book since the day it was announced.  Grace Randolph is one of my favorite people in the comics industry and a mind that I expect to produce only great things.

My mind, however, takes me down strange paths.  Paths which include typos.  Typos like searching for more information on this comic and typing in Superbia instead.

Usually Google would ask if I meant Supurbia, which I would have.  However, there was ANOTHER!

Way back in April 2008 Virgin Comics and SciFi announced Superbia.  The whole point of the title was to be a backdoor way to get a new show on the schedule at SciFi.  Lets look at the pitch:

Imagine if the members of the Justice League moved to Wisteria Lane with spouses in tow, and you get a hint of what life is like in Woodshire Village, a planned community for superheroes, their spouses, girlfriends and domestic partners. Superbia is created and written by Lisa Klink and Jordan Gorfinkle. It is expected to be released this summer.

However the book never was released.  Due to the magic that is known as… a lawsuit.

Turns out there was an independent comic with the same name and idea that had been created five years earlier (and almost ten years now).  Small enough so that no one had heard of it before (well, no one at Virgin) but large enough to be a legal and copyright threat.

All this is to say, best of luck to Boom Studios and Grace Randolph!

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