Supurbia #1 Review.

From Boom Studios, Grace Randolph, Russell Dauterman, Gabriel Cassata, and Steve Wands.

With all of the recent attention on women’s roles in comics (as characters and as creators) a LOT of pressure was placed on this comic.  A comic that has women in the forefront and is created by a woman.  Good or bad it was going to be put on display as an example.  Well the comic is out, the verdict is in and…

Its really frakking good.

The archetype heroes are here, but it is their spouses who take center stage.  Icons representing Superman, Batman, Captain America, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Bucky are all represented.  With fantastic names as well!  It is a great shorthand to explain the characters.  The reader assumes certain truths about each hero and it strengthens the roles.  There is also a lot of de/reconstruction of comics within.  The relationship between a night time vigilante and his sidekick, the elitism an Amazon would have, Super-dickery.  No matter how you feel about the titles this book should already be placed on the shelves alongside other super hero examinations like Watchmen, The Boys, Brat Pack and the beginning of Ultimate Spider-Man.

Best of all, that’s the B plot.  The stars of the series are the spouses.  Helen Heart is damn sure not Lois Lane but she makes more sense.  As a former villain her bitchiness is easy to love.  Of course she would gossip!  Of course little things would piss her off!  As a villain trying to be better her flaws make her all the greater.  Then there is Alexis Fritsche on the other side.  The creature of the night, Night Fox, would need a trusted ally at Wayne Ind… I mean The Fritsche Foundation.  Someone would have to run the day to day operations.  While your preconceptions of a Night Fox type character is sympathetic, every bit of knowledge for reality tells you that yes, this is how a massive company with an aloof owner would have to be run.

Jeremy Metzger may become my favorite character.  As the lone house husband he bears a different kind of weight in his role.  I think I see what’s coming up with their kids and if I’m even half right it will be an incredible dramatic scene that comic book fans will talk about for years.

Speaking of set up, while I thought I knew what was happening between Ruth Smith (“Captain America”s wife/Marine Omega’s wife) and Eve White (Bucky/Bulldog’s wife) the end of the issue already proved me wrong.  Eve and Helen will be break out characters.  Both women have the most potential to be catalysts in this title.   They are both hearing and seeing things that no one else is, including the readers.

For those of you looking for your new icon and crossing your fingers over this title and its creator relax your hands.   Supurbia is more than a gimmick, it actually is superb.


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