Record Review: ‘Home’ by Dierks Bentley

Country pop is one of those sub-genres that can be really average, or really good. Granted, Dierks Bentley’s return to the genre after releasing the bluegrass great Up on the Ridge is the form we’re used to from him. With slight variation, Home is a more polished, tighter, and impactful record than it’s predecessor Feel that Fire.

Home is an exploration of all the things we love about this country we call home including, family, love, home towns, landscapes, and our country. I will admit, sometimes we need a reminder of what we hold dear, and now, we need it more than ever. As he croons on his first post-album release single, the title track to this album: “Scars, yeah she’s got some scars/Sometimes it starts to worry me/’Cause lose, I don’t wanna lose/sight of who we are.”

The LP’s closing track, “Thinking of You,” is it’s most personal, and even includes a guest spot from Dierks’ daughter. Country artists have this ability to describe and capture places from their adolescence that were magical and personal to them, and make them magical for us. “The Woods” does just that, not in the sense that “Chattahoochee” does, but it still evokes a similar sentiment.

Dierks Bentley has made a country album that one can enjoy at the end of a good, hard day at work. In a way, he captures a corner of Springsteen in these songs, minus the political and activist sides of course, but with this album, Dierks does capture America, as this shining image that refuses to fade, and while it has blemishes, it’s not enough to ruin our Home.

Album Rating: Stream It or Digitally Download It (Legally of Course)

Listening Co-efficient: Passive Listen

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  1. Thanks for a good review on my fav artist! For the record, “Home” is the second single from this album and the second #1. The first was “Am I The Only One?”

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