Best New DVDs Today! 3/13/12.

There are plenty of great looking DVDs coming out today.  Some UFC, some horror, cartoons, anime, strange cult stuff, and classics on BluRay.  But only a select few got me excited.  Excited enough to go out and buy.  However, should you think I’m really missing out on anything contact me.  Send me a DVD, BluRay, or legal way for a digital copy and I’ll tell the world about your DVD.  Until then we’re going to stick to this very tight list of new releases.


The Adventures of Tintin.

Considered a failure in the US, this film was still a huge success worldwide.  Much like the comic and cartoon before hand.  Those geeky Americans with open minds have already discovered the joy that is Tintin.  Its like a young Indiana Jones but with a foreign flair.  The CGI in this is to the safe side of the creepy scale.  Stupid  uncanny valley.  If you have kids, or if you’re looking for an exciting movie to kill two hours with watch yourself some Tintin.

The Three Musketeers.

Check out our original review HERE for Resident MediEVIL


The Guild Season Five.

I have been severely behind in watching The Guild.  There is no reason I, nor any other Hellion, shouldn’t watch it.  Not only is it a great sitcom – and that includes all sitcoms, not just web ones.  It is also an inspiration.  Felicia Day wasn’t rich.  She had some small roles, some fans, but overall she wasn’t a huge star.  Now look at her.  All because she risked everything she had and thankfully it worked out for her.  She should be emulated.  The Guild can be watched as not only a very funny show but also as a how to in creating a niche and achieving your dream.


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