Comic Review: Locke & Key – Clockworks #5 “Grown Ups”

As this story arc, Clockworks, is coming to a close, the intensity is just ratcheting up to a level of pure adrenaline and excitement. Fans are being given the origin story that they’ve been waiting for for some time. The last two issues have focused on Rendell Locke and his high school friends, their exploration of the keys, and the transformation of Lucas “Dodge” Carvaggio into the sinister being, brought to you by the demon creatures from beyond the door, governed by the Omega key.

The nice thing about having a framework, but no complete blueprint when it comes to presenting a specific image, is that you really have full reigns to present that story in a more meaningful fashion. Credit to Joe Hill’s genius for giving himself that kind of leeway to do such a thing. Here’s the thing, no matter how you think it will unfold in your head, Hill, Rodriguez, and Fotos manage to choose opti0n C, when you didn’t even think it was present.

This issue focuses on preventing “Dodge” from causing havoc and chaos. Of course the keys are used, and the Crown of Shadows comes in handy in this issue. Also spotlighted in issue #5 is Ellie Whedon, and let’s just say she fucks up big time at the end of this issue. Issue #6 concludes the Clockworks arc, and man do they still have a lot to do. This is a great, great issue; the thing is, I keep waiting for this book to make a misstep, and it never does. From the brilliant art to the brilliant writing, this is arguably, the best ongoing comic series out there today.

Stray Observation (AKA Spoilers)

Fotos color work with “Dodge’s” eyes is brilliant, pay attention, because they shift.

It was cool seeing Rendell’s mom.

It wasn’t cool seeing Rendell’s mom being destroyed.

This issue shows how powerful the Crown of Shadows really is.

Ellie is a character that frustrates me at times, but you really feel bad for her in this issue. She’ll stop at nothing to have Lucas back the way he was, even if that means doing the absolute wrong thing (which she seems to be good at doing).

Check out the wonderful preview at Comic Book Resources

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