The Smarked for Death Wrestling Review for Ring of Honor 3/10/12.


Blind Destiny!  What a concept!  Three matches, the winner of each match MIGHT get a title shot, depending on who wins the upcoming Three Way match.  Damn.  So many angles can spin off of this one.  You can write a year’s worth of stories off of this one concept.

Kenny King (with Rhett Titus) vs. Jay Lethal (TV Champ)

Kenny King has some DEEP arm drags in his arsenal, and this float through arm vine thing that is insane.  You’ll be stunned a man can move that fast.  Roderick Strong and Truth Martini come out to watch.  Kenny is incredible.  His moves, his flips, his combinations.  He is like a young Shelton Benjamin.  Unfortunately its not enough skill and Jay Lethal ends up getting the pin.  Fortunately Kenny King looked amazing and will quickly become a star in all of wrestling, not just Ring of Honor.

Adam Cole with a promo.  I really do like these promo spots.  Good way to get the guys over.  Good introductions to them.  then there’s Kevin Steen who has no equal in wrestling.  Yet.  There are lots of people who Steen will influence.  But there is no one who you can point at and say, “oh that’s who Kevin Steen is ripping off.”

Adam Cole vs. Kevin Steen

There is always “that name” in wrestling.  The guy that isn’t in the big sports entertainment companies and is doing something innovative just under the radar of your casual wrestling fans.  Then you hear a name, whispers, of someone.  The day comes when you finally see this man and your eyes are opened to a whole new world.  Sabu, Rey Mysterio and we have to add… Kevin Steen.  I have seen Steen live in CZW years ago.  I saw him two years ago at 2CW.  And yet, what he is doing right now in Ring of Honor is different from all of that.  His aggression, his speed, even the way he sells in this match is something to behold.  His lift powerbomb is sick.  Of course he won this match.  Steen is a future Ring of Honor World champion, of that I have no doubt.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Michael Elgin.

Speaking of guys I’ve seen many times in 2CW, Davey Richards provides commentary during this match and I had no idea how insightful he could be.  He puts over the two wrestlers in the ring, the World title, Ring of Honor and himself!  Elgin is built up into a monster.  Someone like Rhino or Scott Norton.  A ridiculously strong enforcer.  Kyle has all the potential in the world, and not once are his skills doubted.  He is not put down or portrayed as a bad wrestler.  The announcers are marketing him as a young wrestler who is still learning.  If he loses, he doesn’t lose any push and if he wins he looks lucky and the opponent doesn’t look weak.  Its brilliant!

However, its not enough and after much chaos at ringside Elgin ends up winning the match.

Six guys wrestled tonight in the span of one hour and Ring of Honor got every one of them over in my eyes.  This is fast becoming my favorite wrestling show of the week.

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